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We all crave for vacations, every now and then. However, it does come with its own share of problems. From planning the trip, to accomodation, to singling out places to go to, it can be terribly demanding a job. Ironical, since it was supposed to be your "break from the job". How would you like if somebody else helps you get the "Job" done? So here is the thing. Are you bored of that same mundane vacation plans of breath-taking views of mountain or basking in the sun at the beach? How about, for a change, you spend your vacation witnessing tigers walking across or taking a stroll amidst the last green forests of nagzira wildlife Sanctuary? This will be like a swish of fresh air. If you are a tiger or a wildlife enthusiast, you will relish every moment of going through this experience. Imagine when the sun breaks in at the morning, and the soft strands of rays makes the grass glow and flowers blossom. The chirping of birds announce the morning, and tigers moping in the grass while your heart is thumping with the the thrill you just witnessed. If this sounds like your idea of vacation, you don't have to look further. And if you are worried about how to plan the trip, we got you covered. We, at love inn nagzira will make your stay in the middle of lush jungles the best time of your life. There is something in store for you, to blow your every senses. Without any further ado, let us take you on a virtual trip of love inn.

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Naturalist-led Jeep Safaris
Outdoor Bornfire with StarGazing Spot
On Request Outdoor Candle Light Dinner
On Request Indoor Live Music Experience with Karaoke System
Bird & Deer Watching Towers
Naturalist-led Nature Walks

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